The Roasted Sweet Potato Molasses Infomercial Soup

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How many times have you said to yourself, “if only someone could capture the fabulous flavor of roasted sweet potato, drizzled with molasses, in a soup?” I know, me too. Well, I’m here to tell you that your troubles are over. We have created this amazing soup that will cure all those roasted sweet potato and molasses cravings. Those long nights, tossing and turning over baked sweet potato and molasses – over! The mid-day jitters at work – no more! Getting kicked out of the farmers market for biting into raw sweet potatoes – a thing of the past! How did we do it? Well, first we take some sweet potatoes. Then, we roast them. Then, we add molasses and a bit of apple juice. Then, we caramelize some onions. Then we puree everything together. I know what you’re thinking – OVERWHELMING! That’s why we do the work for you! All you do is heat it up, sit back, relax, and slurp. Then call your therapist. I mean, really – night sweats over soup? Get a hold of yourself!

Ingredients (in no particular order): sweet potatoes, molasses, apple juice, onion, homemade vegetable stock goodness, salt, pepper, olive oil

Soup type: Pureed

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3 Reviews of “The Roasted Sweet Potato Molasses Infomercial Soup”

  • John Passacantando says:

    Had the sweet potato soup at a party last night. It was fantastic.


  • Amy says:

    Another delicious, delectable taste treat. I can’t believe that these soups are nourishing, too. Fantastic!

  • Sheila says:

    Wow! I ordered extra and took on our family ski trip to Wintergreen. The family loved this soup and a great way to warm up after skiing.

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