Office Specials

Get the whole office to order and save money! And get free Souper-croutons! Who doesn’t like free croutons??

To qualify, you need a minimum group order of $25. Once you’ve gotten a crew together to order enough to hit that minimum, e-mail us and we’ll give you a custom office code. Each person enters the code into the Discount Code field when checking out. You’ll have the delivery fee removed, and the group will receive three complimentary bags of Souper Croutons. Using the code, each person can order for themselves (you don’t have to have one poor soul running around the office collecting money!).

If you don’t hit the $25 minimum – don’t worry! We’ll still deliver your soup. Just make sure you order at least $14.50 worth of goods. Standard delivery charges will apply. Contact us with any questions or to get your office code.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an office code, but will not hit the $25 office special minimum, please do not use the code when checking out!

Bowl of Yummy Soup

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