This page is called Frequently Asked Questions. This page could also be called Questions I Think Customers Would Ask But Haven’t Yet. But that’s really long. So let’s stick with the former. Below find answers to all those nagging questions about the order process, the soup we make, the meaning of life (soup, duh), and more.

Can I place a special order? Like an extra large one? Or a catering one?

You betcha! Want to feed your office? Having a party? Yes we cater!  E-mail us and we’ll take care of the cooking. But seriously, stop asking. No, we will not sing when we deliver. I thought we covered that already. Gosh darn it, our strengths are in the kitchen, ok?

What sizes of soup do you offer?

The soup is available in both pint and quart sizes. A pint serves two appetizer portions or one hearty meal sized portion. A quart serves 4 appetizer portions or two large meal sized portions. But don’t feel bad if you finish off a whole quart of soup in one sitting. I won’t tell. And it is really good for you, so actually you should be patting yourself on the back.

If using our online delivery system, feel free to order multiple quantities of each soup! Order some for dinner, some for lunch, and some for the weekend! Or eat some right away and freeze the rest so you can enjoy soup whenever you darn well please.

What if I’m using the online order system and I’m not home?

No problem! After you order, just e-mail us at info@thesoupergirl.com with your order information, such as – “leave with my doorman” or “deliver to my neighbor in apartment 2.” You can also leave a cooler outside your house for the soup. Just be sure to specify what we should do with your order in the event that you are not home.

What if I don’t pick my online order up on time or I’m not home during the delivery window?

Unfortunately if you are not home to receive your order, and didn’t give us specific instructions on where to leave your order, we cannot issue a refund. Same rule applies if you do not pick up your soup by Thursday night. Don’t worry though – your soup will not go to waste.

Can I just stop by your store and buy soup?

Yes!! Please come visit our store which is located at 314 Carroll Street, NW – directly across the street from the Takoma Metro Station. Come on by! Or, you can purchase our soups at dozens different stores and cafes around town!

Can I rate the soups and find out about other soups you offer?

Yes, please do! Your feedback is what makes this thing work. You can do this in two ways. You can send us an e-mail and let us know what you thought of the soup! Or, you can head over to the Soup Pantry page and rate the soup. There you can also check out soups from weeks gone by. If you don’t like a soup, please e-mail us and let us know! On the other hand, if you absolutely love a soup, please also let us know. We might even put your quote on our website (with your permission, of course!). We’ll also feel very good about ourselves.

Are your soups kosher?

Yes, indeed they are! Soupergirl operates under the strict Orthodox rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld. As our company is vegan, all products are 100% parve. Our certificate can be found here.

The premises are spot-checked and carefully inspected by duly qualified mashgichim (including rabbis of local Orthodox synagogues) on a regular basis to ensure meticulous compliance with kashruth regulations. 24-hour surveillance cameras have also been installed whereby activity in the store can be monitored by the mashgichim when they are not physically present on site.

All food prepared in the store is bishul Yisrael and all vegetables and greens are checked and cleaned according to the standards and recommendations of the Star-K. Baked goods sold in the store are provided by Breadsmith, which is under the supervision of the Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington.

Please note that while we follow the standards and recommendations of the  Star-K, they are not responsible for the kashruth supervision of Soupergirl.  That responsibility rests with Rabbi Herzfeld.  He can be reached at 202 812 8900.

Can I give a soup gift?

Yes! Nothing is better than unwrapping a gift of soup! Visit our Gift of Soup page for all the different options – there are many!

Do you offer nutritional information about your soups?

Our soups that are available at Whole Foods and other stores all have nutrtional information on the back labels. At this time, our soups available at are store, farmers market, and online do not.

However, we can tell you that our soups are incredibly healthy!! One of our customers has lost over 20 pounds by switching to our soup for lunch every day.

As a general rule, our soups with peanuts and coconut milk are a bit higher in fat than others (but the good kind of fat!!). We also never go overboard with either one of those ingredients. Many of the soups are straight up vegetable soups, and are pretty low cal, relatively speaking. The bean soups are incredibly healthy – high protein and high fiber, with lots of vegetables. You can get multiple servings of vegetables with just one cup of some of our soups! We never use cream or butter (our soups are vegan). We use only heart healthy olive or canola oil. We also tend to go very low on the salt content. We just use enough to bring out the flavor – that’s all!

We also make all of our soups fresh so there are no preservatives or funky chemicals. They are truly natural.

If you ever have any specific questions about any specific soup, please contact us. We love chatting about soup!

Is there a delivery minimum for your online service?

Delivery is available for all orders over $14.50. Visit our delivery zones page for all the details! If you don’t hit the minimum, just pick up your soup at one of our trusty pick up locations located all over the area!

Who took these fabulous soup photos all over your website?

The soup pictures were taken by the fabulously talented Rivka Friedman. Rivka writes an amazing food blog called Not Derby Pie. Head on over and drool over her delicious recipes and see more of her fabulous photography! You can contact her at rivka@notderbypie.com.

Are your soups vegan?

Yup! They are 100% vegan. Which means they are cruelty free, environmentally friendly, incredibly healthy… and absolutely delicious.

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