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Soupergirl and Soupermom meet Michael Pollan - October 2011

is Sara Polon. Since Sara has written this site she will now switch to the first person. After reading Michael Pollan’s book, Omnivore’s Dilemma,  I decided to get involved in the local food movement. At first I thought about working on a farm. However, I look very bad in overalls and from what I understand, most farmers wear overalls. While discussing my ponderings over a cup of coffee with my friend, Michelle, she smacked me on the head and said “soup! You make really good soup!” And thus Soupergirl was born. However, what Michelle didn’t realize was that all along, it was not my soup that she was always mooching at my place. The soup was actually cooked by my mother. Which brings us to…


Soupermom and Soupergirl having a strategy session in September, 1977.


is Marilyn Polon, aka my mom. Her secondary title, which she takes very seriously, is Chief Anxiety Officer (CAO). Originally from Baltimore, my mom has become a master in the kitchen. Everything I have ever learned about cooking, I learned from my mom. She raised the Polon kids on all natural, freshly cooked food. I challenge you to find processed food in my mom’s kitchen. Soupermom is in charge of developing the recipes and is the head chef. Soupergirl is her humble assistant.

To be clear – we are not chefs. We are cooks. We didn’t go to the Culinary Institute or the Cordon Bleu. Quite simply, we love soup. Our soups might not always be pretty (though usually they are) but they are good. Really good. And better yet, good for you! Which leads us to….

About the Soup

Here! Have some soup!

Why soup? Quite simply, every day is a good day for soup! It just takes one bowl of soup to make a meal. Eating soup is also the perfect way to easily incorporate healthy eating into your life. Worried about getting the five-to-seven-a-day vegetable recommendation? Need to add more whole grains into your life? Soup! It is perfect for any season, any kind of weather, any occasion, and any meal. Soup is the original comfort food.

We prepare soup the way it was meant to be made. Made from scratch, our soups are cooked slowly with love. They are homemade with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Many of our vegetables and herbs are organic and come from local farms around the area. Much of our produce comes from the  Farm at Sunnyside, Next Step Produce, Twin Springs Fruit Farm and Toigo Orchards. Check them all out every Sunday at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. We also work with a local farm coop called Tuscaora. The produce from Sunnyside, Next Step, and Tuscaora is both local AND organic! Our favorite combination!

Soup is pretty!

We can tell you in clear conscience that our soups are very healthy. They are chock full of fresh veggies, grains, beans, and other wholesome goodness. We go very light on the salt so you can season the soup as you please. But please don’t let the whole “healthful” thing scare you away. We think the soups are really healthy, but we don’t think you’ll notice.

Sure you can find “fresh” soup at certain stores around the area. But check out the ingredient lists of these soups – malodextrin, autolyzed yeast extract, corn syrup solids, and my favorite – xantham gum. What exactly is xantham gum? And guar gum? Isn’t Guar an extreme metal band? Did they invent gum? Is it chewy? Why is it in my soup? Our rule is simple – if my grandmother wouldn’t have recognized something on the ingredient list, it should not be in the soup.


Bowl of Yummy Soup

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