Caribbean Sweet Potato and Greens Soup Man

Soup Man!! To the rescue!!

superboyGrowing up, my brother always used to watch the He-Man cartoon on TV every Sunday morning. I personally found He-Man kind of boring. He used to always yell “I HAVE THE PPPOWWEERRR!” Pipe down, He-Man! I used to love the cartoon that came on at 10:30 – Caribbean Sweet Potato and Greens Man. He used to yell “I HAVE THE FFIIIBBBEERRRR!” Now that’s what I’m talking about. He used to run around town, serving his wildly addictive stew of local sweet potatoes, seasonal greens, turmeric, coriander, ginger, organic coconut milk, and brown rice to villains in order to distract them from their evil doings so the police could come and make arrests. He once used this soup to stop a bank robbery. What an episode!! The villain, Donald Von Donaldo, was holding up the tellers at a local Bank of America. SCPG Man ran in with a piping hot bowl of soup, and Von Donaldo literally dropped his gun, grabbed his spoon, and begin to slurp down the stew. Von Donaldo always traveled with a spoon in his back pocket. Don’t you? And no, I also can’t believe it took us four years to write about another souperhero. Whoops!

Ingredients (in no particular order): sweet potato, ginger, coriander, turmeric, organic coconut milk, brown rice, jalapeno pepper, lime juice, seasonal greens (collards, kale), garlic, onion, olive oil, salt, pepper, homemade vegetable stock

Soup type: Chunky

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